The Lifestyle Wealth Business Opportunity

Lifestyle Wealth is being created out of the Principals’ desire to leverage many years of extensive financial services industry background to help a select group of Advisors crystallize the value of their businesses within an entity that incorporates Branches of the Dealer and affiliation with a high quality investment manufacturing company. The Mission and Vision of the company strongly emphasizes the achievement of a better lifestyle for clients and stakeholders. Helping all Stakeholders to think strategically with respect to their business and personal goals is a prime objective of Lifestyle Wealth.

As a start-up business venture it is important to utilize actual data from existing operations to illustrate financial projections. LWI will provide projections to those candidates who express a sincere interest in the business opportunity. The Principals of Lifestyle Wealth believe the revenue projections are realistic and they have sought validation of same from third party sources. The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis does expose some risks that are primarily based on market conditions and the transition phase of a business acquisition.

Lifestyle Wealth intends to build value in its business that will outlast the tenure of the founding shareholders and that is sustainable for current and future shareholders. The company will be sought after by quality Advisors who are looking for an organization that will purchase their business and provide the best place to service clients for years to come.

The unique products and services created for and with the guidance of Lifestyle Wealth will be part of the value proposition attributed to its client base. In addition to enhancing our client relationships, the products and services will increase profitability and ultimately the value of Lifestyle Wealth Inc. shares.


Lifestyle Wealth will own and control a select number of salaried employee retail distribution branches registered through FundEX/IA in additional to a unique innovative fee account product/service. A key component of the strategy is leveraging key relationships and disciplines to provide expanded products and services to its clients.

Lifestyle Wealth has established an AGA relationship with HUB Financial for life insurance product and a brokerage relationship with Deposit Brokers Services for all GIC and related business. Mortgages will be placed through a third party Mortgage Brokerage firm. Tax preparation will be offered in all branches of Lifestyle Wealth and financial and estate planning services are an extension of the Advisor platform combined with legal and accounting expertise from various sources where required.

Appointments to discuss the opportunity over the phone or in person can be arranged by clicking HERE.

Business Team